Russia will restart the nuclear ghost train "is more difficult to find than the original title: the Russian nuclear submarine will restart the nuclear ghost train" is more difficult to find [ ] military global network reported in November 12th than the nuclear submarine; according to Russia’s "Morning News" website reported on November 7th, Russia’s strategic rocket forces will re enable the one and only "stealth combat train" — "Barguzin" railway missile system, train equipped with ballistic missile launcher cannot be satellite identification. According to the official statement released information and the Department of defense sources, in November this year to December will test from the train launch Ya Ersi missile. In order to protect the train from the ballistic missile main engine airflow, the Soviet Union developed a special way of cold launch. There were no other nuclear bombs in the world, and even the United States was forced to abandon the project in 60s. The main advantage of doomsday trains is that they cannot be identified by satellite and radar systems. Simply speaking, a nuclear submarine to find a list of "ordinary" train operations more easily than thousands of trains running on the railway line in the discovery in a vast expanse of water in the. Compared with the well base and road mobile missile, the missile system has obvious advantages. The ghost train is very difficult to recognize. A new type of missile combat system can carry 6 missiles with a range of up to 11000 km. A column with the refrigerated compartment of the train ugly in appearance, stopped in Russia tens of thousands of railway lines. A car roof which move sideways, missiles upward. The missile is to be launched into space and hit a target on another continent. In general, the engine will ignite the car, destroy the train and may cause damage to the operator. In order to solve this problem, solid fuel missile designer Vladimir legend ute gold came up with a structure of the one and only. First of all, the missile will be ejected through the catapult to the top of the train 30 meters to the height of 40 meters, the missile tail from the direction of the train, then start the main engine. In this high position, the main engine’s air flow to deviate from the train, it will not cause damage to the train. "Barguzin" new nuclear train changed the appearance and structure of camouflage refrigerated carriages, with the standard of the refrigerator compartment is, even if the railway experienced workers is difficult to distinguish. These changes may also affect the missile’s cold launch device. Therefore, these structural changes will be tested. In May 2016, the Moscow Institute of thermal land-based missile system chief designer Yuri Solomon Ivanov said: "we plan to complete the year ‘throwing’ test, to ensure the completion of emission in the fourth quarter of this year." Experts pointed out that the parameters of the launching device has been calculated, and the installation of a command system with auxiliary system. The previous version would have been exposed to excessive traction – not 1, but between 2 and 3 diesel locomotives, and now only one high power. In recent years, the development of the navigation system also shortened the time to target. Although nuclear warheads RS-24 "all" ballistic missiles from 10 reduced to Kai相关的主题文章: