Secretary of the ministerial rank of city leaders, who approved? Original title: Secretary of the Secretary of the city ranking leader, who approved? The official website of the Ministry of Finance hung news, not necessarily related to money. For example, this one: in October 31st, the Ministry of Finance held a warning education, informed the general office of the Ministry of Finance researcher Han Xiaoliang violations and treatment decisions. Who is Han Xiaoliang? May be worried about the outside world is not clear, the message is also specially add brackets to explain: Secretary Wang Baoan, former director of the National Bureau of statistics. The news that Han Xiaoliang, for violation of political discipline, organization and discipline, honest discipline, work discipline and the spirit of the central eight provisions, was given expelled from the party, the administrative sanction of expulsion. Secretary Han Xiaoliang on the Internet and there is not much public information. Only in the official website of some local government departments, there are two he and Wang Baoan’s story". It was 2012, when he was Deputy Minister of finance Wang Baoan, served as the State Council inspection team to inspect Nanning low-income housing allocation and quality management, inspection team members as a "director of the general office of the Ministry of finance Han Xiaoliang". Another is in April 2014, the national financial research work conference held in Lianyungang, which referred to the Deputy Minister of finance Wang Baoan, Secretary of the, the leadership of the city of Lianyungang…… Attend the meeting." The leadership meeting, the secretary with column reports, also ranked in the local city leaders, shelf is big enough. Wang Baoan had been sacked at the beginning of the year, the Commission for the informed people as the acme of perfection: the investigation, Wang Baoan’s political beliefs, superstitious activities for a long time, contrary to the central spirit of the speech published on major issues; moral turpitude, all right color, color of money transaction; violation of discipline, by the influence of their positions in the selection and appointment of cadres to seek benefits for relatives. In the published materials, Han Xiaoliang is double open with Wang Baoan sacked association which details the further disclosure. However, the use of Wang’s position in the selection and appointment of cadres to seek benefits for relatives of the facts, enough to show that the leadership style is not correct, to make a negative demonstration around. Officials and secretaries are not isolated cases of both. Earlier years, Hebei first secret Li Zhen incident, quite shocking. According to reports, Li Zhen can share when he was the Secretary of the Hebei provincial Party committee secretary Cheng Weigao’s decision-making power, the ability to upgrade officials around Hebei. One veteran revealed during the reign of Li Zhen, who as a cadre, write a note can be solved; let anyone when the director, just phone. Because the male prototype is regarded as the TV drama "dwelling", Shanghai Office official Qin Yu also quite well-known. He was the former party secretary of Shanghai Chen Liangyu’s secretary, due to the long-term follow Chen Liangyu work, is regarded as one of his cronies, known as the "Shanghai first secretary". The Secretary plays an intermediary role in the contact between a bridge between. Later, due to alleged misappropriation of social security fund has been jailed for investigation, no period. The Secretary sometimes led to "settle". For example, the national energy board, former director Liu Tienan sacked, there is news that the Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Department of the discipline inspection department will soon be investigated by Wang Yong. A detail is the real name of the day, Liu Tienan is visiting Russia, and signed the relevant documents. In the report after the incident, Liu Tienan is through secret?相关的主题文章: