Sheenah Wang Han exposed embarrassing English supplement for history of knife bursting point – Sohu entertainment Sheenah exposes "English black hole"     Sohu Entertainment – "we have come to the" Tengchong station of the first phase of the program, "the sun goddess" Sheenah’s Parody comedy upgrade, let people admire. But in this episode, Sheenah and the exposure of her "black hole English" attribute, English for Kung Fu agile Sheenah is not strong, but dare to say loudly said English and let her lovely out. "She’s English talk show surprising    " we have come to the "first stop all teachers in Macao dancing water are foreigners, and the whole Sheenah teacher English dialogue, learn very seriously. It is reported that Sheenah had two times to study in the United States, the level of natural English by leaps and bounds, the first stages of the recording process, Sheenah also had confidently said to Jiang Yiyan: "when I learn English in the United States, is our class speaks English best." As a result, Sheenah made a lot of jokes in English this season.     Sheenah and her "Hanna English Xiu", the "tomorrow" she said "steal the cat". It is reported that the program and Wang Han exposed Mengliao, more Na’s condition? Can’t miss Friday night’s "we are coming". Madonna "foreign experience?" surprise broke     Wang Han broke the news aroused everyone’s interest, Sheenah is in the best of spirits talk yourself in a foreign country "thing?". She said that once in a foreign country, you want to change the yuan, but forget the "money" in English how to say, so the staff said: "I want to change ‘China coins’." The staff did not understand, nature does not give her exchange, but she felt a long row of the team, but not against the money, is not convinced, then turned toward the long team behind "No money"! People laugh and cry to say.     in addition, Sheenah also broke the news of their own and what the teacher in Thailand, because the pronunciation of English words like caused a big joke, let the people are eating laugh hilarious.     has been in front of the screen to bring laughter to Sheenah, read English, although bad, but still make people feel adorable adorable, can bring happiness to people. Can Sheenah’s "God’s voice" poke your smile? Please watch this Friday, we are here, the exciting content!相关的主题文章: