Slim, extreme light, the performance of ultra-thin notebook decline – Sohu technology extremely fruit Jun at work, always need to take a computer running around, thin point, good point becomes the most important needs, I believe a lot of buddy have such needs, today, very Guo Jun gave a buddy the new ASUS super – Ling Yao 3 notebooks. This notebook continues the ASUS ZENBOOK series light and beautiful appearance, all metal body, concentric circle drawing texture appears very texture. Notebook the thickest place is only 11.9mm, the weight of the machine is only 910g, whether it is a man or sister, travel or commuting, can easily carry. 1920× Ling Yao 3 equipped with a 12.5 inches FHD IPS display screen resolution; 1080, the border width of only 7.6mm, the screen accounted for 82%, the perception is very good, and make it smaller than the general size of the notebook with a much smaller, better portability. The screen is covered by the fourth generation of Corelle gorillas to provide better protection. Performance, Ling Yao 3 high version is equipped with a Intel Core i7-7500U processor, 8GB LPDDR3 memory, 256GB SSD solid state hard disk. The card uses a Intel HD 620 graphics core, the use of office time, ASUS and Harman Kardon cooperation operation yo ~, is the spirit of Yao 3 is equipped with a powerful four speaker audio system, audio performance is worth the wait. The left side of the fuselage is equipped with a headset interface, on the right side of the fuselage for the Type-C interface, although the interface is not rich, but it is so thin, can still drop ~ you can also understand it as a separate USB-C Universal Dock docking station, so that the card reader, HDMI, USB 3 will have. Battery for 40Wh lithium polymer battery, life time up to 9 hours, work overtime a day! In addition, ASUS is also very careful in terms of input and security, keyboard keys to reach 0.8mm, is the majority of the super two times the length of the long input, more comfortable fingers. In the upper right corner of the touchpad, also equipped with a fingerprint sensor, no need to enter the password, you can easily log on, very convenient. ————-END————— want it? I send you ah! Here’s ASUS spirit shine 3 thin notebook free! Fee! Send! Get 1 open WeChat, search and pay attention to the public number: extreme fruit nets 2 reply Keywords: notebook相关的主题文章: