SpaceX claims to be ten years to send humans to Mars is probably the most worthy immigrants planet SpaceX company CEO Elon Musk announced ten years to send humans to mars. Tencent space news according to the British "Daily Express" reported, SpaceX company CEO Elon Musk decided to become the first person to send humans to Mars. In addition, he claimed that the Mars manned project can be completed in about ten years, it may be faster, can be achieved in nine years. His remarks also let many people feel surprised, because SpaceX had a series of rocket blasts in recent years, a series of accidents make people worry manned missions may also become a disaster. SpaceX is trying to develop a reusable rocket, but a few rockets on the way back to the combustion, and even some have not been able to leave the ground. A recent accident occurred in early September, the Falcon 9 rocket exploded during launch at Cape canaveral. When the rocket burns, it is being tested. The smoke from the burning can be seen from miles away, and many people upload photos of the disaster to the internet. Nevertheless, Elon Musk still believe that human beings should not be restricted in the earth. In a 2016 forum, he said: "do we want a future that will always be limited to a planet until the end of the mass extinction? How long are we from the disaster? Or do we want to be one of the many galaxies in the universe? I think the latter is more exciting and exciting." (passenger compile)相关的主题文章: