Step by step to step forward Uber Gulf oil (November 2016) recently, the world oil industry giant gulf oil (Gulf) to join the global instant car software brand yuho (Uber) "an excellent step does not stop, joint promotion activities Gulf gas does not stop". Gulf oil (Gulf) good reputation since the quality of oil products based on height, choose the same in the travel market with excellent step and high quality light luxury positioning (Uber) as a partner, will launch a series of cooperation for the brand, to further promote the two sides in the brand image and business growth. The main content of the cooperation around excellent step (Uber) in order to optimize the user experience and a series of expansion. The purpose of the optimization and upgrading is to better provide passengers with travel services to facilitate the public can take a taxi in 362 cities. In this process, the Gulf oil (Gulf) support, from the system migration at the beginning, will send a lot of gifts and benefits, including the new kaitu SUV special oil, Manchester United Jersey, Manchester United POLO shirt, football and souvenir hats etc.. At the same time, relying on the Gulf oil (Gulf) and the network covering the terminal opened new Bay Chinese Tmall flagship store channels, to a large number of drivers users, provides high quality lubricating oil Bay Distribution and maintenance services. The driver can easily understand the benefits and information through the system’s screen information or mobile phone text messages. And more excellent step (Uber) senior quality member is able to enjoy the extra premium benefits spree in the Gulf of China! Since 1901, after 115 years of development, Gulf has become one of the world’s oldest and most influential multinational oil companies. For a long time, Chinese Gulf oil (Gulf) is one of the most important and potential market, through unremitting efforts, Gulf oil (Gulf) remain in the changing social environment and market growth, and provides a wide range of quality lubricants, maintenance products and related services for all types of China owners. The excellent step with the same vision and objectives (Uber) of mutual integration, mutual promotion, is a long-term cash market Chinese deep passion collision. The two sides will make joint efforts to actively expand the Chinese growth and enhance the brand culture; through cooperation between the two sides, will allow more consumers to China Gulf oil (Gulf) and step (Uber) to produce new understanding and deepen. Gulf oil (Gulf) will further enhance its brand and product influence in Chinese, interpretation of its brand, endurance and passion from the three core values of quality concept.     since March 2016, Gulf oil (Gulf) and the first Football Club – club together, to reach a consensus, as the official partner after a series of marketing initiatives, fully demonstrated to Chinese market confidence and attention. After the alliance, Gulf oil began to practice more closer to the localization strategy of Chinese consumers to honor the solution for China’s consumption相关的主题文章: