Take the kids to play Thailand Pattaya – Bangkok – Koh Samui Raiders said to have exaggerated tire 100 but for me is more greedy fresh as I can go to play the country and taste suitable for Thailand is China us to feel after you can take my family again following the 2012 national day the tour of Koh Samui (see: 2015 national day old baby to bring home in route   Bangkok – Pattaya – the first station of Koh Samui Hongkong Airport   due to the national day ticket price is still   or come here by plane will be relatively cost-effective and we also go to Hongkong to play   the airport VIP lounge fish egg powder is our obsession there are all kinds of thick love beautiful cake Each trip to the airport lounge to eat a meal is not to feel good while Mr. Da idle took a shower once the plane arrived in Bangkok will put in the car export position is pre rented APP rental from public rent to the right car tire trouble for a MITSUBISHI Pajero SUV a family of five and then went straight to Pattaya if not mistaken about 150 kilometers   safety seat with accuracy of 99% GOOGLE MAP with mobile phone baby also rent ~ until recently started to plan for Thailand free freely in Japan I rather fool free because we were not in the online homework all is only to improvise as for the hotel because we are found Love to see the sea so I just need to find the seaside hotel results did not make their own step down to the Dara Resort: Cape (high price five-star hotel) flowers and candy immediately washed tired eat perfect beauty sleep wake up the balcony and sea distance picture description also proved once again that I choose hotel idea the selected location seamost hotel lobby is very comfortable leisure and this hotel guests are Korean and Japanese mostly because the family except me   is the two hotel swimming enthusiasts boundless seaside pool they are also very satisfied with almost every day I woke up, they just swim back in the morning they are swimming in the swimming pool and two After playing to the beach sand sea at night they would also like to travel round the day is the natural scenery has two swimming pool bar at night and can swim while exotic cocktails out of the Hotel Pattaya   itinerary because there was no homework to a place called Elephant Orphanage like when GOOGLE drove past and search don’t look at the whole day is 5相关的主题文章: