"Tao Yuan Gu Mai · heritage Ceramic Exhibition" Nanjing grand opening January 12, 2016 morning, hosted by the Jiangsu provincial arts and Crafts Industry Association of Jiangsu Province, Yixing City, Yixing City, Gu Shaopei Craft Factory Yixing Yixing Art Museum, Jiangsu Art Museum hosted "Tao Yuan Gu Mai? Heritage Ceramic Exhibition" opened in Nanjing. The exhibition time: January 12, 2016 – January 18th Venue: Jiangsu Art Museum in Nanjing Beijing West Road No. 72 (the provincial government of Jiangsu province to the West 200 meters) Yixing redware craft factory is a representative of Yixing Yixing pottery is committed to the cause of her all to insist on purple on the road staff gave great support. Jiangsu province Yixing city purple craft factory director Xu Jianrong also attended attended the opening ceremony, as the leader of the factory, all kinds of exhibitions held in the Xu Jianrong factory employees expressed their support and care, will fully carry forward Yixing Yixing, also made the corresponding contribution to the prosperity and development of the factory. Nanjing is the capital of Six Dynasties, is an important birthplace of Chinese civilization, it has a rich cultural heritage and rich historical relics, and Chinese art has a long history, has a long history. From the Neolithic age, China’s arts and crafts as an important carrier of culture and art, through the history of Chinese civilization 5000 years of development. The variety and origin of Arts and crafts of Jiangsu Province, is the first in the country, and Nanjing as the capital city of Jiangsu Province, each process will converge here, the exhibition is the purple charm and Nanjing history cultural collision. The exhibition Gu Shaopei and children’s works more than 100, the exhibition is one of the best interpretation of Yixing inheritance. Inheritance, has laid the height of art; innovation, determines the artistic personality. The fusion of artistic height and artistic personality is the only way for artists to become artists. Gu Shi San descendant, from different sides to absorb the master Gu Shaopei’s strengths, use, innovation, and the formation of personal style. Purple other a song straight, a point line surface to form a three-dimensional pot, who is the same fate, we have given the poor and sweet, is a person’s life should go through, Everything is going smoothly. is happiness, but sour, sweet, bitter, hot is tasted, it is best to read life. A member of Chinese Institute of Arts and Crafts Master Gu Shaopei China senior craft artist China China Ceramics Association member Industrial Design Association was born in 1945 in Yixing pottery industry. Chinese Communist Party members. In 1958 Yixing Yixing middle school teacher, teacher professor Pan Chunfang, transferred to the purple craft factory, under the tutelage of the famous old artist Chen Fuyuan, after modern pot art master Gu Jingzhou long-term guidance help. Yixing has employed more than 50 years, the deep research of teacher skills, set the essence of the factions into artistic personality in one. The creation of new products more than 100, Germany won the Leipzig International Exposition; China crafts Baihua Gold Award; the first China crafts Huayi gold cup several times by the province,.相关的主题文章: