The ancient town of Chengdu and surrounding people Haoshua, hurry to play disc! Sohu travel to see the mountains do not like water, then come to the town to play mahjong tea! Recommend a few black pot around Chengdu today, small town people Haoshua, engage with parents doll up tight! Panda town leisurely town should look like, not the bustling Huanglong Valley Yuelai Town, but with a tranquil life in a small town. At the small tea shops, rubbing mahjong, the past is clouds! Yuelai town belongs to the throat, is to go to Xiling Snow Mountain, the mountain fog and the necessary land in Zhongshan. Mahjong does not think, can also drive to go to a spa hot! Self driving route: Chengdu – Dayi – Huaiyuan town town Huaiyuan Yuelai town building was built for the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, there are Chuandou structure, connection without nails or glue, roof and glass like "tile", as indoor lighting! The ancient "Lin Zongci" built in the Qing Dynasty Xianfeng, spacious courtyard already as elderly activities, a few tables, play cards together, put Longmen array, it is awfully! Self driving route: Chengdu – Chongzhou – Huaiyuan town in the town of "two water mirror, double rainbow", the ancient town is an important stage of the Southern Silk Road, the ancient town street to the "well" word and meaning "wooden building layout, water wells, incompatible to pray for the town. From the Ming and Qing Dynasties old courtyard surrounded by water, towering trees and historical relics on the ancient tea horse road, building a pleasant pastoral scenery, walking in the vicissitudes of the stone, standing on the bridge, the girl whose washing clothes in the river…… Self driving route: Chengdu – Ya’an – the ancient town of Luo Mu town Shang and Zhou when they inhabited town in Luo mu, the long history has left Chuandou beams, carved flower old wooden house, crevice moss, green vines, recounting the ancient legends handed down…… The town has a lot of traditional snacks, tender tofu curd and fresh linen xuewang, scattered yellow crisp… Just think about it. The street is also home to four or five blacksmith, rattan craftsmen living in this ancient town…… Self driving route: Chengdu – Leshan – Mount Emei – Luo Mu Zhen Wu Feng Xi Wufeng town is located in the Tuojiang River, Han River is an important port, Chongqing, Yibin and other places will be transported to the salt and fruit shipped to Chengdu sales. There are many Hakka people in Jiangxi, a Wufeng town of immigrants. Wufeng town also ruins of holy palace, Wangyeh temple, fire temple, Nanhua palace and 1.5 km from the town of Bingling shop, Liu Bei was ready to repair the tomb of Bingling Kongming from repair shop for the tomb of Liu Bei s! Self driving route: Chengdu – Jintang – the Liujiang River Wufeng town town in the middle of Qing Dynasty, Liu Jiang duo street built the name "Liu Jiang", has experienced the rise and fall of hundreds of years, the ancient stone streets, carrying the history tree, here to feel the "the Liujiang River rain", autumn is a hazy fog rain seimi! The ancient town of the Liujiang River need to cross the brook, brook with a neat stone]相关的主题文章: