"Call for love" Zhang Huiwen ouhao Yang Zi in about ten years Sina entertainment news by ouhao [micro-blog], Zhang Huiwen, Yang Zi [micro-blog] starring love movie "call for love" in the center of the world today issued a "future post office" new featurette. Ou Hao’s Kodak received a package from 10 years ago, this is Zhang Huiwen’s "summer memories through time" from the "future post office" creative surfaced about the most beautiful and the most painful love lead to a myriad of thoughts, in memory of the rush of that year. With Kodak at the same time, Yang Zi’s "another summer" also received a gift from the future post office, "the meeting of two summer" caused the audience curiosity. The special edition of the film side specially interviewed a number of passers-by, respondents have talked about about 10 years of their own. Zhang Huiwen across the time to interact with the interpretation of the "world center of the other her" "love in the center of the world," adapted from the same name novel and film. Director Guo Zairong has said that the novel model is nearly 20 years, already do not comply with the laws of the market now, the new version of "love" in the center of the world calls "to the original corresponding modification, will bring a new experience". So Guo Zairong made a careful polishing on the screenplay, adding a lot of original content, for the film set a new style and tone, which "future post office" is one of Guo Zairong’s original set, a series of two times. This film is a "memory" tells the love story of the actor who plays Kodak ouhao along the route of memory, a way back to high school alma mater, the 90s school time, love the most beautiful and most painful thoughts through 10 years visible before the eyes, causing thousands of million is in the movie "the future of the post office". In the exposure of the video series, Zhang Huiwen played in the summer student through the "future of the post office sent to 10 years after Kodak a mysterious gift. And 10 years later, in the post office administrator, the strength of the actor Yao Lu played under the leadership of Li Fusheng, has been the age of 27 Kodak received the gift of time. Re open the dust laden past those years, buried in the bottom of my heart, and when the young age of the angel girl summer, and the center of the world together to find agreement. What happened after 10 years? Kodak and summer together for the "center of the world" the oath is achieved? All this is to wait for the audience to find the answer in the film, and the new version of "love" into another place is the original Yang Zi role in the center of the world, and the role of Zhang Huiwen in the film she played the role of the same name, called "Xia Ye" in the series ending, Yang Zi version of "another Xia Ye" appearance, she also received a parcel from "post office". Who is the gift of time? What is the relationship between Yang Zi and Zhang Huiwen, will become another aspect of this film. Guo Zairong "ten years grinding sword" do not forget the original intention people surveyed about "about ten years" movie "in the center of the world calls for love" is directed by Guo Zairong in preparation for many years, he had said in the previous conference, finished)相关的主题文章: