"The children’s digital reading reading platform Beijing August Beijing line focuses on children’s education in 29, before the point reading technology held in Beijing, announced the platform –" children’s digital reading books released on the line, this platform is also the world’s first interactive children’s digital reading. With the popularity of smart phone devices, more and more parents have begun to use these electronic devices as part of education, so that children learn or entertainment. This is an era of information, electronic products will eventually become part of this generation of people’s lives. It’s not a question of getting kids to play on tablets and smartphones, but how to use them. Because of this, the American Academy of Pediatrics, said: digital media can be used to develop children’s executive ability, self-control and problem-solving skills, improve the ability to obey the command of children." On the other hand, the current domestic users of APP products designed for children is not rich, parents are lack of guidance, how to obtain high-quality content to meet the educational needs of children has become more and more young parents demand. Eeglops is a book for parents and children to create a cartoon book reading APP, children love the children’s stories and books here, can be interactive, bring a new reading experience for children and parents. Eeglops reading now with dozens of domestic and international publishing institutions, all the contents are licensed, provide excellent reading content for children to ensure that there are nearly two hundred of the interactive animation books for parents and children, the future will have more content to launch. Parents and children to see all of the images are provided by the partners for the print level of the original HD material, to avoid certain products to provide paper books scanned images blurred appear. All of the audio is also recorded with the domestic professional companies and teams to ensure that children hear the authentic good story. According to reports, "a new discovery," is the biggest characteristic of Eeylops reading, Eeylops reading all e-books provided, are interactive animation books. Different from the previous simple e-book scan conversion, Eeylops reading cartoon books has many breakthroughs, add sound, animation, video, games, animation and other interactive multimedia logic function, let the book from moving up. According to the children’s habits and hobbies, Eeylops reading every book was carefully designed and produced, adding a lot of animation, let the children not only read, but the real into a book, and the characters in the books, even the plot for interactive environment. These results are from Eeylops reading independent research and development of interactive animation book making software — Eeylops book, is the leading professional children’s book interactive animation production software, its powerful function, making simple operation experience for interactive animation books is no longer difficult to do. It is reported that the Eeylops reading team, there are more than 60% R & D personnel, a strong R & D team security Eeylops reading the entire platform continuously promote and improve, to create more excellent products.相关的主题文章: