The classic culture series of public forum into Peking University Centennial Hall – public – "of classical culture and Oriental elegant" public forum, Lin Anwu, Xie Fang and so on building strong dialogue "we have inherited the traditional culture and modern people, we are doing the traditional culture and modern people do separate traditional culture? Are we a modern Chinese or a modern westerner?" In September 6th, Peking University Centennial Hall, with everyone, everyone, Ancient Chinese Literature Search contemporary Buddhist Philosophy Department of Peking University Ph.D. professor Lou Yulie fame began to enrich life with the life practice of classic, classic, classic and elegant oriental culture — Peking University classic culture public forum "opened. The classic culture public forum, invited everyone, everyone, Ancient Chinese Literature Search contemporary Buddhist Philosophy Department of Peking University doctoral tutor Professor Lou Yulie, the contemporary Daru Mou Zong San student, Tzu Chi University Taiwan Institute of religion and culture by Professor Lin an Wu Professor, a famous writer, female emotion experts, "new women" proposed by Ms. Su Qin respectively entitled "China culture", "the fundamental spirit of Confucianism and Buddhism and Taoism" and 21st century human civilization "," new female self promotion "keynote speech. The famous performing artist Xie Fang, Ms. Zhou Bo, deputy director of the Hongkong satellite TV network goddess fan technology founder Han Jia Li MS, 100 years — an oriental school founder of fragrant incense master and so on a number of famous scholars in the field of theme dialogue. The forum sponsored by the Cultural Development Group Limited, five Ming China Academy, Cymbidium school and Hongkong college, Institute of goddess zhongbolian yanxishe, in conjunction with the community Chinese International Club Alliance, read by agency and other agencies jointly sponsored. "A national classic is the carrier of this national spirit and wisdom, Ancient Chinese Literature Search classic masterpiece magnificent, broad and profound, contains rich humanistic ideas, life philosophy and the business of the road." The cultural group founder Moran says. "We expect the government, associations and enterprises and universities, cultural tourism industry park with us, to jointly organised the classic culture theme forum, to create exclusive classic cultural name card, carry forward the classic connection open oriental elegance, wisdom, let the world see." The forum, said, "2016 Oriental elegant Festival – Oriental elegant women finals start. This is the ordinary female fashion ceremony, through learning, growth and transformation for the elegant female stage, sponsored by the Asian Women Development Association, the goddess fan network technology Co. Ltd., a joint Hongkong TV, Hongkong, sponsored by the organizers, the goddess, the finals will be held in China Hotel on September 28, 2016. (Zi Rui, Jiang Qi: the early commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: