The kingdom of discovery since November 1st – tourism year "upgrade curtain Sohu thunder chariot", "cool music Mini World" strong landing the mysterious "mummy," Thriller "saw" Carnival "ghosts, ghosts, bride" exotic "Kingdom Festival parade…… In the kingdom of discovery autumn "Happy Halloween" in October 31st was the perfect end. The park will be in November 1st to enter the winter park closed, expected in March 25th next year a new park. By then, the new roller coaster Park heavily to build "thunder chariot" will surprise appearance, parent-child amusement theme area "new built Mini cool music world" will also create a mysterious opening, designed for kids have a unique style of fairy tales "new world". It is reported that in the winter this year during the park, the park will be large-scale renovation and renovation of the park. The landscape in the park will be refurbished and decorated, and the color will be more beautiful. After the park will focus on the transformation of the project will be crazy town area of the Trojan hall. It is found that the kingdom of the person in charge, this winter will be demolished and rebuilt the Trojan hall, designed for children to create a fairy tale parent-child play world, the new Trojan hall turned into cool music Mini world". There is more than 30 parent-child amusement equipment, electronic fun project to introduce the current best friends welcome and small "stimulus" amusement equipment. "Cool music Mini World" covers an area of nearly eight thousand square meters, in 2017 to build the park as a small amount of friends, play regional exclusive exclusive. The mysterious "magic ride driving, challenging" blue hair Miaoxiang forest "," marine adventure adventure can Museum "a small area, a different surprise set for the kids, to meet a variety of personality of children, more family amusement equipment to mom and dad to accompany the children to get challenge. In addition to the expectations of the children burst into the value of the "cool music Mini world," the park to build heavy thunder chariot will finally landed in 2017 strong. The investment of 100 million yuan, from early 2016 to start building a new roller coaster "thunder chariot", set up in the legendary castle Regional Park, covers an area of nearly 10000 square, produced by Italy’s famous zamperla company, the car is 35 meters high, 688 meters in length, is the zamperla company found a Wang Guoshi anniversary tailored roller coaster. After the opening of the first tower will be Chinese vertical roller coaster, 2017 will meet with visitors. In 2016, Dalian Haichang found foreign tourists through the three quarter of the kingdom with joyous celebrations: spring, summer, cartoon carnival; under the sun, swimming carnival parade, romantic night, Caribbean Festival; autumn, happy halloween…… Every season, the landscape changes have great originality, and interesting activities, always bring tourists to different surprise. This year, the new park Hollywood real stunt show "over the Rift Valley town", thrilling; upgrade the water stage large real drama "Carnival of Caribbean Mermaid Princess", the Broadway drama interpretation of Pirates of the Caribbean legend; luminous parade "Caribbean shadow show", will bring you into a fantasy world of lights flash Cui bin.相关的主题文章: