The new fund to continue to declare hot financial bonds issued by the theme of the fund into a hot topic of sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The new fund Securities Times reporter Li Shuchao the latest disclosure of the Commission for approval to raise the progress of the show, as of August 19th, the number of fund products have been waiting for as many as 495, among them, the implementation of a simple audit procedures of the products are 439, the ordinary procedure for examination of the products of 56. From the recent report when batch of products, the Department of banking fund spot for financial debt based regular open debt bromance, index funds there are more popular products to Hong Kong and Shanghai deep and distinctive theme, endowment. Financial bond fund banking fund intensive reporting financial debt based, debt based open to the Commission to apply for registration, the Department of banking fund figure are frequent in the 17 report, products accounted for 11. The Commission disclosure of information display, China Merchants Fund in August 4th for a 66 month run for bidding financial bond fund raising, and accepted in August 10th; CCB fund in July for the 4 consecutive financial debt based, respectively, a year, two years Hengxin hengwin years, five years, Heng Yusan Hengtai financial bond type fund. ICBC Credit Suisse, BOC, CAF Agricole, Societe Generale Bank Department of public fund company also reported the same type of products. In addition to the Department of banking fund, brokerage department raised Huafu fund were also reported with An Xi for three years, two years, four years, Allex Ying five years, seven years and 5 financial bond fund, the investment period of 7 years. In addition to financial bond products, regular open debt is also the type of fund intensive reporting of the banking sector funds. Such as the declaration of Canada Fund regularly open two pure debt bonds, ICBC Credit Suisse reported Rui Ying 18 months of regular open debt, Rui Ying half year regular open debt, CCB fund reported, Henry, Hengyuan Heng year regular open debt. A large bank in Beijing Department of public fund manager told reporters that most of these products are customized products of banks, docking is low risk appetite, long-term capital financial capital requirements, financial bond investment in accordance with the operation, can realize annual revenue of 3%~5%. If the coupon period is longer, the investment can be leveraged or configure long-term bonds to lock in higher yields. Shanghai Hong Kong Shenzhen, pension, characteristic refers to the base become popular with the Shenzhen Tong floodgates countdown, Shanghai and Hong Kong deep topics such funds has become a popular choice of public fund layout. Although this year has been issued 20 Hong Kong and Shenzhen deep fund, but the depth of the public fund layout Shanghai Hong Kong market enthusiasm is still unabated. As of August 19th, China Merchants, Ping An UOB, Qianhai Kaiyuan, Bauhinia and other 6 public fund companies reported 9 Shanghai Hong Kong Shenzhen theme products, products include guaranteed funds, hybrid funds, common stock fund and index fund, involves high dividends, entertainment, artificial intelligence, mergers and acquisitions, cooperation and innovation theme selection in the investment subject. Pension theme fund has become a hot issue of public fund to declare相关的主题文章: