The order came off the Korean payceiling order SARFT, why to curb the price paid – Sohu science and technology article small table new media reporter Li Qiushui was quiet for a long time and again big move. Before on the SARFT regulation of all kinds of rumors it is amidst the winds of change "but the real make groundless accusations, but the" notification ": SARFT party released in August 26th on patrol rectification briefing mentioned, resolutely curb the" super "star paycheck and show off their wealth, which requires the guidance of Industry Association of the major film companies to develop resistance to the" super "fee the self-discipline convention; guide the relevant industry associations will" focus on film and television works ideological value and aesthetic orientation, optimization of film production cost structure "to formulate a proposal, to strengthen guidance on the market. Improve the filing requirements of the project audit requirements, timely stop the film blindly speculation star, fans, net red behavior. "Put it down in black and white" resolutely curb "wrote," high price "star paycheck and show off problem." It is broadcasting, experts have a shot, it is not known! This is not the end, on the same day, CCTV news channel in the "special price paid actor", pointed out that the price paid actors bring huge risks and pressures for the other aspect of the film and television production. And criticized the "Yi Zhuan" such as Wallace Huo and Xun Zhou take the $150 million, and the Summer Youth Popular TV drama "2", "city of fantasy" and other films even price actor still cannot save itself without high quality. CCTV and broadcasting of the two time points with so perfect, in the eyes before brewing for a long time, ready for the next big chess…… With the star related, naturally there is behind the fans to send heat. This does not, the news came out, micro-blog hot search and comment on the fall…… Pondering is due to "Lecture Room" speaker Zhang Hongjie broke the news, but this news regulation eventually evolved into the Wu Yifan fans and Luhan fans…… Regardless of whether we have the power in the behind deliberately vague focus, but in the radio was scolded after so many years, the policy or the majority of users support. But the first was criticized for Xun Zhou and Wallace Huo, go out for them later. Matt culture media CEO Chen Lizhi micro-blog, Wallace Huo Xun Zhou, was lying gun Innocence: "they seem to be taking a monolithic high paycheck, but as" Yi biography "is episode 90!" Small series suggest that we look at the stars of the industry value, and then determine whether they really innocent"…… Look at this table, bitter haha entrepreneurs who have ideas…… After all, every industry has pointed Pyramid that a handful of people, can understand, understand…… The new actor’s paycheck? CCTV news reports that the actors are great differences, frontline actors fee of nearly 100 million, while the general new three month package only million. That is to say that the beginning of a new actor acting can earn 50 thousand a month, but also with the"相关的主题文章: