The rocket blasted in the mysterious musk chairman wanted to dig the Nicaragua the Grande Canale financial Sohu Falcon 9 explosion scene SpaceX destroyed the satellite communications satellite operators from Israel Space Communication (TASE:SCC). A week before the explosion, from the China Xinwei group (600485) has just disclosed, intends to $285 million in trading on the price of the acquisition of 100% stake in the company SCC. Affected by the explosion, SCC’s market value has shrunk, which means that the cost of the acquisition is expected to further reduce. From the Reuters news, in the desperate SCC company has launched a claim against SpaceX, seeking compensation for 50 million dollars, or to a free launch in exchange. SCC also launched compensation for builders of the Amos-6 satellite, requiring its builder IAI (Israel Aircraft industries, Israel Aerospace Industries) to pay $205 million in advance. On the second day after the explosion, Xinwei group (600485) immediately to the Shanghai stock exchange for emergency suspension, and in September 5th after the resumption. After the resumption, Xinwei group shares in September 5th declined slightly in September 6th, but also achieved a small rise, rose to 2.45%. Whether the explosion will affect the acquisition? Xinwei group Investor Relations Department official told the surging news () specific information will soon re issued notice, the public news is due to the transaction has not been settled, and the launch of the Amos-6 satellite in case merger agreement has been agreed, so the transmission loss did not affect the financial situation of Xinwei group. Facebook and SCC are also Xinwei why? With scarce resources in the satellite orbit a week before the explosion in August 24th, China Xinwei group announced that the company intends to set up a bird project in Israel through its wholly owned subsidiary of Luxemburg Aerospace Communications Company, and will be in the $285 million deal for the price of the acquisition of 100% stake in the company SCC. Xinwei group is headquartered in Beijing, is currently a total market capitalization of about fifty billion China private technology enterprises, to the development of communication technology started. Xinwei group was founded in November 1995, formerly the Datang Group’s core assets, has created SCDMA, TD-SCDMA and McWiLL three major national and international wireless communication technology standards. Based on the SCDMA research and development "well-informed" system, helped the fixed network operators launched a mobile communication service. From 2007 to 2009 Xinwei group consecutive losses. In 2010 the company for equity restructuring, Datang Group Holdings exit, when less than forty years old mysterious rich Wang Jinghao throw billions of disk access, so far, Xinwei group to the state-owned holding enterprises turned to the private holding company. At present, Xinwei group registered capital of 2 billion 267 million yuan, owns more than and 40 enterprises. In 2013, the first time into the vision of global Xinwei group public. At that time, Xinwei Group Chairman Wang Jing.相关的主题文章: