The "Star Trek" 3 at the box office breaking 200 million   won the praise of space version of " " – speed and passion; entertainment channel — original title: "Star Trek 3" won the praise of "space" speed and passion "" Lin Yibin (right) in the studio directed by Lin Yibin of the Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars" in the mainland in September 2nd officially released. According to the cat’s box office data, the film at the box office the first day to close at 62 million 130 thousand yuan, the top of the box office champion. Over the weekend, "Star Trek 3" for three consecutive days to become the single day box office champion, first weekend will exceed 200 million yuan. At 16:30 yesterday, "Star Trek 3" a total income of 218 million yuan at the box office. In addition to the high box office, the film’s reputation is also good, the current watercress score of 7.6 points. The "Star Trek" by 3 once successfully created "speed and passion" series directed by director Lin Yibin, J? J? Abrams served as executive producer, Simon Peggy and Doug Carl Jung?? Co writer. Simon? Peggy, Chris Pyne, Zachary Quinto?? Zoe, Dana and many other stars in thrall?. In this one, Captain Kirk and the crew came to an area in the Milky Way, began their five year mission — to explore the new world, looking for new species. On the way, they were forced to stay in the different stars, but also encountered the local race to hunt for this, launched a fierce fight…… The film released in North America after the mouth overflowing, "into the Hollywood" film magazine named the best action movie "," Time "also commented:" Star Trek 3: beyond the stars "was born to shine, Lin Yibin brought a P adventure." After the premiere of the film in the mainland of China, has also been praised by fans, won the space version of speed and passion, special effects scene indeed beyond the stars and other evaluation. Director Lin Yibin will "speed and passion" series of refined aggressive action scenes into the "Star Trek" in 3, the film has been giving the impression of fully and delightfully from first to last. It is worth mentioning that, "Star Trek 3" in the plot setting, so as not familiar with the audience on the front there is no obstacle. The "Star Trek" in the burning 3 fragment is’enterprise suffered colony enemy raids, the ship is damaged, the players staged duel with the enemy. Yesterday, the film side exposed the effects of the production of the special edition, the audience can see the shock of the explosion and gun battle scenes are shot, equipped with special effects rendering and post CG large layered drawing continuous stacking. The effects of the making of reduction in the space station after a layer of special effects rendering details of the picture. It is understood that the city of York has a sense of the future of the city is the crew shot in the field in Dubai, after the late design has been upside down, anti gravity visual spectacle. (reporter He Jing) (commissioning editor Zou Jing and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: