Jilin Province, the third national agricultural census video conference – Jilin channel: people.com.cn original title: improve the sense of responsibility together to implement the morning of September 29th, the province’s third national agricultural census video conference, to further implement the deployment of the State Council on the third national agricultural census work, the arrangements for the deployment of our province the third national agricultural census. Vice governor Sui Zhongcheng attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The meeting pointed out that the census will be the province’s agricultural management units, agricultural households, administrative villages and towns to conduct a comprehensive investigation. To carry out the census of agriculture, the development of "three agriculture" is to identify the gaps and shortcomings, to ensure timely implementation of the urgent need for a comprehensive goal of building a well-off society, is to accurately grasp the objective needs of rural development, new changes of scientific guidance for agriculture and rural development of transformation and upgrading, is to strengthen and improve the survey service, to meet the practical needs of agricultural production and social undertakings the growing public data and information needs. All localities and departments should fully understand the importance, complexity and difficulty of the agricultural census, and do their best to organize and implement. The meeting stressed, give prominence to realize the modernization of agriculture, to carry out the target design and the questionnaire, find out the law of development from census data, identify problems, analyze the trend of development, promote the construction of agricultural modernization to speed up, to provide data support; give prominence to building a well-off society, weakness of agricultural and rural development to find out the restricting factors and prominent, accelerate the reform and development of rural areas, make up the short board of building a well-off society; to strengthen coordination and cooperation, closely rely on the members of the unit together, form a work force; to guarantee funds to ensure the timely disbursement, in place; to grasp the census hiring and training, strict census hiring off well, the census training work, strengthen the survey team management; to ensure the quality of census data, strictly According to the plan to carry out the census work, adhere to the law made the true and accurate census, the "three rural" statistical information; we must fully grasp the propaganda and mobilization, focusing on pertinence, timeliness, close to the farmers, close to life, create a good social atmosphere for the agricultural census, to ensure timely completion of high quality survey mission. (reporter Chen Mo) (commissioning editor: Intern, Wang Diyuan)相关的主题文章: