The UK Independence Party will elect a new leader   from fame to the UK Independence Party – International – is scheduled for 28 party officially announced the voting results announced, who will replace "off the European" pioneer Nigel Fallaci, become the new leader?. The party, despite the success of efforts to promote Britain’s efforts to "get rid of Europe", has recently been plagued by internal strife and election funding scandals, and is expected to restore the party’s influence by electing a new leader. From 2006 to 2009, farach was from 2010 to 2015 two as an independent party leader. The British referendum "from Europe", in order to complete the historical mission on the grounds that Fallaci resigned as an independent party leader position. However, the successor accident after the resignation of leader Fallaci with temporary identity third times led the independence party, but he ruled out to seek re-election in may. Independent party 25, the end of the vote, the results are scheduled to be announced on 28. For the new leader of the 3 candidates were former deputy leader Paul Nuttall, senior senator Susanna?? Evans and Independence Party activist John Rees – Evans?. British media generally optimistic about the succession of Nuttall. As a member of the European Parliament, said Nuttall, such as the election will be committed to the unity of the party, seeking to end the infighting and bickering". [to] from fame precarious over 20 years since the establishment of the UK Independence Party has sought to Britain "from Europe", but anti immigration, anti establishment stance for a long period of time to climate. In recent years, the independence party successfully forced the prime minister David in his leadership before Cameron promised to hold a referendum?. With an anti immigration stance, the independent party in 2015 parliamentary elections in 12.7% of the vote, ranking the highest in the vote of the third. In June this year, the referendum results show the majority of people beyond all expectations "from Europe", the independence party and its leader Fallaci is regarded as one of the biggest winner. But, in "retire after winning merit", announced that Fallaci seemed to accomplish the historical mission of the independence party began to lose power, domestic trouble and foreign invasion began to increase. Successor Diane, 18 days after the resignation of the resignation, on the grounds that her relationship with the party colleagues become more difficult, the leadership is not supported by the support of the". 21 this month, James announced the withdrawal of the independent party. It was the Steven? Woolf took over as the most popular candidate James, but he attended the European Parliament meeting with a colleague in conflict and admission, in October this year announced its withdrawal from the race leader. Woolf has said that the driver is not the goal of leadership and Fallaci referendum, the independence party is difficult to manage". This month, the independence party is more exposed to the alleged misappropriation of EU funding "from Europe" campaign, in violation of the relevant laws of the party use of funds. The European Parliament has recently asked the independence party to repay hundreds of thousands of euros suspected of being misappropriated, and the British election commission will investigate the independent party suspected of violating the British electoral law incident. (Xu Chao) (Xinhua special feature) (commissioning editor: Cheng Xiaoxia (Intern), Yan Jiaqi)相关的主题文章: