No adults only child – Sohu of health tourism here, for me this young girl, often feel too early, but now when close to the edge, always want to escape to escape this year unable to restrain the emotions, run fast, never backward in time. Even if they do not admit that the aging of their own, but also can not be ignored, do not care about anything with the role of health fitness. So this time I went to the Jinhua Jinlin Bergamot Cultural Park, I heard the name, always thought that this is a health maintenance for the oil head has a mission trip, a simple Bergamot planting base, in addition to plants or plants, in addition to the grass is bergamot. But sometimes, life is wonderful, when you think this is just a cultural park, showing many every kind of bergamot, suddenly as if everything is to witness the miracle of the moment, it has been transformed into a magical cultural park. Here is a cultural display area and bergamot, bergamot, bergamot, health museum painting Buddhist Cultural Meditation houses; modern agricultural sightseeing area, with modern technology planting, visitors can visit and study of Jinhua Bergamot soilless cultivation planting process, intelligent cultivation center and vertical hydroponic vegetables, flowers and other seasons; agricultural products exhibition area, boutique configuration bergamot and bergamot deep-processing products sales center; of these, I think it should be all kinds of Cultural Park standard, with many normal people did not seem to have much interest in the configuration. But here is his magic entertainment district, here has equipped with development centers, barbecue, amusement center, multi functional hall, manege, shooting, soccer fields, small animal village, outdoor camping, go kart, real CS super exciting entertainment and gentle and lovely children without stimulation of parent-child activities recreation paradise. Here, we are all big kids. Sitting around the small train Bergamot garden, no high shock, no leather seats, no 3D stereo surround sound, the train started, the tractor as thunder rolled in, sitting above, bumping shake ass down, a little thin and even feel bones are fighting in the tin and cushions. But is such a feeling, but let the child sit inside the big laughter again and again, like the wanton and shy back to 8090 years. It is a luxury to be able to make such a small train. Whether sitting around the small train Bergamot Park, the couple is like riding a bicycle tour in the garden, should be very interesting and romantic. Iron is a small train bears the child’s memory, and this upgrade Deluxe train, is those little princess of the noble car town. Hey, come on, sao. This is our time, our paradise, take it easy, if it is a child’s world, so, at this moment we are children. There is a group of lovely and delicious goods, a little earlier here the only advantage is that, they also do not eat, we can enjoy the seduce feeding, looking at their long neck stretched but not eat the anxious look, my little devil more publicity. This is a great looking child.相关的主题文章: