The children of these qualities, you don’t have to your education, education – [picture] select Sohu maternal attention, let the children love to read! Methods: to add friends to open the WeChat search number – jxhuiben – attention! Introduction: Children’s education is the teacher, parents and the whole society should pay attention to the problem, but after all is the parents responsibility, you don’t have to your education, education! 1, writing and writing posture. If you go through the whole process of your child’s development, you will realize that it is a valuable skill for children to write a handsome pen. The word is written, is the responsibility of every parent. If you are young and don’t know how to educate your children, start with that. Please remember, so many students in a class, the teacher did not focus one by one to correct students’ writing posture, no energy incentive every child to calligraphy. 2, the rebellious period of collision. Children to grade four or five, dare to talk back to you — this is Grandpa and grandma, and you haven’t used the rules. Remember, the shortcomings of the child to an antidote against the disease especially on the issues of principle, and is not a concession. For example, the work is not finished, is not sleep; shut the computer, is not allowed to play games. You must remember that, at the age of five or six, if you do not want to say "no" to children, to 10 years old, you will not dare to say "no" to the child. Do not blame the child disobedient, when you are a child of a few years old, buried a hidden danger. Please remember, not the students psychology teacher. Students are often afraid of the teacher, but the child is not afraid of you, because you do not make the child respect and fear of the rules. 3, the interest of reading. Interest in reading, is an early age, two or three years old, the child should read. At this point, children love reading, with the performance of their parents have a direct relationship. There are many books at home, so the children can read more. There are no books at home, children don’t like reading. Our parents, don’t blame the children do not love reading, parents did not give children inherit the love of reading habits, how children love reading? The children from the chronicle, the parents reading no impression, children can only imitate anything other than reading. Please remember, do not try to cultivate the habit of reading books by teachers. Habits should be developed by parents. Parents set an example, the child will follow the example of parents. If you are busy living, do not have time to read, then, in the future, your child will have a defect in the knowledge, there will be differences in the understanding of the ability to write articles in the future will be unable to do so. 4, if the parents have been happy to think that the child is very hard to go to school, foreign education has been thought how good, how excellent, foreign children do not work, you can free…… Unless you send your child to a foreign country, or you do not have the concept of parenting, because you can not change the environment of China’s education, you think this is the end of the child. Facts have proved that those who began to pay attention to the education of happy parents, in the end you will find that children will be more and more disobedient, in class and out of tune with the community, the child’s growth process is the most!相关的主题文章: