Ting Zhang skincare be complaints Rotface star homemade cosmetics you dare to use it in the lead: last night (September 6th), a consumer surnamed Cui broke with Ting Zhang research and development of skin care products, even lead to a "rotten face", while the customer responded that in detoxification. The so-called star independent research and development of skin care products, what is the composition of the security or not, the quality of clearance or not, the effect is obvious or not? Do you dare to use it? In fact, the United States to do cross-border beauty makeup products are nothing new, especially in Europe and the United States has long been popular entertainment for some time. But the mainland market whether it is micro business or shop, more and more cosmetic brands in recent years from the star to join them, consumers will naturally blunt star light to be bad if once the quality problems will suffer, the stars do cross-border products to "share the beauty" or "risk trap"? Ting Zhang TST Ting Zhang Zhang Tingsuan live yeast mask is a relatively early star fun micro business, remember the events of live yeast for a period of time before the "Ting Zhang" (part of consumers in the use of serious allergic symptoms, commonly known as "rotten face", the doctor diagnosed as facial seborrheic dermatitis, therefore questioned the safety of the product) caused great controversy. Just last night, there is a consumer surnamed Cui broke out with the skin care products developed by Ting Zhang, the skin allergies, and customer service is in response to detoxification. In this regard, Ting Zhang also published a long article in the evening, that will find out the truth, to properly handle the problem. Zhang Tingfa long in response to question one of TST star Xu Zheng’s wife Hong Tao is a joint venture of TST shareholders, later Mrs. Gary joined, before the Corporate Events confirmed. Ting Zhang and her daughter Ting Zhang the first to admit that the daily maintenance is as a 46 year old woman, and the mother of two children, Ting Zhang, now the people show the complexion and skin condition is still very bright, shiny. This is why there are still a lot of consumers do not fear rumors choose to trust the brand TST reasons. TST live yeast mask on the "TST live yeast mask" in the end there is no problem, it is reported that the State Drug Administration, TST 43 products, 30 products marked "no record", the 31 products marked "shall be ordered to make corrections"…… Ting Zhang had micro-blog respond to live yeast rotten face event, said everyone’s skin is different, there will be a different response, will find out the truth so that the problem can be properly handled. I hope the stars at the same time in the marketing of good quality, after all, that is the only star worthy of their own reputation, I hope consumers are finally painted on the face is a real and effective security products. Aaron Kwok mature male aging skin care products in the mall in front of the Watsons has always seen wearing a suit of blue suit of the king of the state of china. Is there a new men’s skin care products launched, at first thought he was the identity of the spokesperson did not expect to know after Guo king but this is really a play to start businesses to become the founder of the men’s skin care brand! Aaron Kwok micro-blog skin care normal Aaron Kwok is considered an evergreen tree of the entertainment industry,.相关的主题文章: