High capacity battery can be folded, waterproof paper "environmental protection also with smart devices in bigger, more powerful performance, battery life for the challenge is also growing, the world’s scientists are busy trying to solve the problems. Swedish scientists have developed such as a battery "paper", made of nano cellulose, the paper fiber can do only 20 nanometers thick, (human hair diameter of about 100000 nm, is 5000 times the thickness of the fiber. In the outer layer of nanofibers, covered with a layer of dissolved in the aqueous solution of polystyrene plastic. When these nanofibers are covered with electrically charged plastic, it becomes a paper battery with a thickness of only a few millimeters". A 15 cm diameter paper battery can store up to 1 Fala’s power, which can be compared with the current market to see the super capacitor battery. In addition to full power, this "paper cell" and paper like flexible, even thousands of folding paper cranes, ultra-thin, flexible electronic devices that there will be a good partner. This paper battery does not contain any harmful chemicals or heavy metals, but also waterproof. The remaining question is how to scale production.相关的主题文章: