Wang Jianlin said Haier hit the refrigerator only a few money? Haier respond domineering popular network Ji’nan Dazhong news November 2nd not long ago, Wang Jianlin a "first earned him one hundred million" became popular, users lamented the "money is not everything, money is wanda." Now, Wang Jianlin then exposed gold sentence: Haier hit the refrigerator only a few money? Wang Jianlin Wanda Taiyuan Street payment event in contrast with the typical case of Haier hit the refrigerator in the year when. Recently, Wang Jianlin talked about the integrity of the enterprise in a Wanda Institute opening ceremony of internal meetings, with a typical case of Wanda Taiyuan Street payment event compared to the year Haier Zhang Ruimin hit the refrigerator, saying "we evaluate in this case, the case than Haier hit the refrigerator more great. Hit 20 a few refrigerators only a few money ah, we hit a few shops in the 350, hit the more than 600 million. This is not more than 600 million, but compensate is more than 1 billion." In this regard, Haier micro-blog official responded: "I really haven’t counted in the workshop workers three years to pay to buy a refrigerator on 1985, Zhang Ruimin hit the 76 refrigerator to almost did not pay wages Haier what it means. But now I know why I can’t afford to buy a house." Haier micro-blog official response to Wang Jianlin. Haier’s aggressive response to users get a lot of support, some netizens said that Haier hit the refrigerator is not about the money, is the attitude. According to incomplete statistics, at least 500 companies behind the blue V Haier, micro-blog and forwarding comments "can’t afford to buy a house," a sentence craze "but I still can’t afford to buy a house". The administrative micro-blog collective audibles’s richest man, Haier grievance. Business school magazine commented that the popular Haier’s response, so I think the 2014 Christmas Eve, Haier official "sell adorable" – "the response to GREE Dong Mingzhu blasted Haier – aunt, we are not about". Humorous Internet language and sharp point of view, as well as detailed information to prove that the company has become a model of crisis public relations. Haier’s response to Wanda Wang Jianlin seems to be more beautiful. This is largely due to the numerous blue V support behind the seemingly blue V’s revelry, but is the future direction of enterprise crisis and micro-blog’s transformation under the new situation of public relations. With the increasing openness of the enterprise micro-blog, the courage to break through the traditional corporate tone and brand shackles micro-blog also more and more enterprises. Micro-blog continues to rise, is the traditional sense of the enterprise micro-blog stereotype impression and the actual difference between the personification, entertainment operations brought about by the aesthetic. This identity change brings "conflict" to enterprises "products" as the carrier, for more users to provide a more difficult, more fresh material content. Construction of blue V enterprise ecosystem and superimposed on the users’ response to natural events, let popular, better realize the collective audibles detonated in the traffic on the event’s lead. The "open" enterprise administrative micro-blog, proficient in the spread of the Internet and to control the force on this also seems to be better, for each big blue V enterprise has obtained the interaction rate and user adhesion degree high, contribute to the formation of the phenomenon of new media events also provide more forms and export enterprise crisis public relations. (Dazhong – Shandong 24 hours reporter Li Zhaohui)相关的主题文章: