What day Xuyuan walking at the foot of the Great Wall tour eleven holiday approaching, the mother of the motherland 67 years old Happy birthday congratulations at the same time, the National Day travel plans already in front, but during the holidays, a famous scenic spot of beauty always huge crowds of people, all fantasy vanish like soap bubbles. There is a natural beauty and private the Great Wall near Badaling, a place that is enough to make the rich and colorful holiday, Why not?? (the huge crowds of people the Badaling Great Wall and Gubei town) where to go, happiness and ease in front of time in such a huge crowds of people want to leave an invigorating autumn climate, scenic area, away from the bustle of the city, why don’t you come to the eternal · the Great Wall (real estate information) 23 square kilometers of pure Valley Villa homes feel the joy of life, being here with the family to eat together delicacy, go hiking on the Great Wall, feel the natural beauty of spirit, but also can get million prize, not Yoshiya? October 2nd – October 4th, the eternal · the Great Wall invite you owners to participate in "eat together play in the Great Wall" activities, children’s inflatable castle, Beijing and other exciting activities on-site delicacy holiday joy constantly. October 5th will be held in the Great Wall "the most beautiful Chinese, drunk beauty of the Great Wall photography contest" activities, together with the family in the mountain to climb the Great Wall at the same time, use the camera to record the beautiful moments, not only can learn from each other and colleagues, as well as the opportunity to get the eternal · in the Great Wall for the million prize. Continue to surprise, not only from the activities of Beijing in the next five years will no longer increase of construction land and ban villa order policies, the future of low density products is difficult to reproduce. Recent hot Shenzhen 6 square meters of the house price is as high as $880 thousand, it is not difficult to foresee, Beijing property market under the influence of the policy is likely to have such a minimal size. In August 6th, 27 and September 16th three opening three sold out the eternal · the Great Wall crown from Beijing in the north, can be seen, the eternal · the the Great Wall has become the representative in the north of Beijing villa homes. And in the hustle and bustle of the city to buy a small apartment, as the choice of a beautiful environment, family favorite residence, open mountain villa of life. The Great Wall is located in the eternal · 23 square kilometers of pure Valley, private enjoy the Great Wall 28 km, 150 times higher than in the negative oxygen ion content optimization design of more than 100 times, handpicked the first international famous building materials, 5S hard to create system, the two grand core area, let the eternal & middot; the Great Wall full of charm. Xing Yan high-speed event related to gradually fall, the eternal · supporting the construction of the the Great Wall wildly beating gongs and drums in the joy of life is gradually fulfilled. Soon, a happy town will appear in the eyes of the world. Advisory Tel: 400-819-1111 to 611208相关的主题文章: