Why do we feel that China is a middle-income country? Transferred from the WeChat public number daily economic news (ID:nbdnews) experts said China will enter the high-income stage in life how to embody? Recently, the Academy of Social Sciences released a report that China successfully crossed the middle high income threshold, officially entered the ranks of middle-income countries. This report, immediately aroused widespread concern in society, a big question mark hanging in the mind of many people: Chinese has entered the ranks of medium to high income countries, how our income is not high? Medium and high income countries? Expert: the standard is too low recently, by Chinese Research Academy of Social Sciences Institute, national finance and Development Laboratory Co sponsored by the "economic Blue Book summer Chinese: economic growth report (2015-2016)" conference held in Beijing. The report said, the first half of 2016 China economic growth of 6.7%, overall economic growth downward trend has not changed, but has slowed down, some good economic indicators, is expected in 2016 the overall macroeconomic stability, overall economic growth will not be less than 6.5%. At the same time, the report suggested that, on the whole, China is in the late stages of industrialization, the success of the high income across the threshold, officially entered the ranks of middle-income countries. Academy of Social Sciences of the above conclusions, with reference to the world bank classification standards. According to the per capita GDP of the World Bank Group conducted on the economic development level of all countries: per capita GDP of less than $1045 for low income countries; $1045~4125 for the lower middle income countries; between $4126~12735 for middle-income countries; more than $12736 for high income countries. 2015 China’s per capita GDP is 52 thousand yuan (according to the population of 1 billion 300 million), or about $8016, is located in the upper middle income countries. China Reform Foundation deputy director of National Economic Research Institute researcher Wang Xiaolu, told the daily economic news reporter, according to the classification standard of the world bank, China is the middle-income countries, but the standard is relatively low, according to this standard, the world belongs to the upper middle income countries have at least forty or fifty. "Per capita GDP is about $8000, and there are still a large gap between the developed countries and tens of thousands of dollars." Wang Xiaolu said. The largest economy in the province is not equal to the economic development stage of high note, CASS the report will also stage of economic growth is divided into six stages, compared with World Bank standards: the first stage is similar to the low income stage; the second stage and the third stage is the low middle-income stage; the fourth stage is the stage of middle high income; fifth stage and sixth stage high income stage. The report pointed out that some provinces rapid economic growth that has successfully crossed the fifth stages of the income threshold, in the later stages of industrialization, a higher level of development area. China entered the fifth phase of the provincial urban area there are 6, namely, Tianjin, Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Inner Mongolia. 2015, Tianjin’s per capita GDP was ranked first in the $17166, Beijing $17064 ranked second, Shanghai $16555 ranked third. Worth noting.相关的主题文章: