The Wuzhen Summit: create the world of the Internet Chinese home court – Sohu Wu Jian since 2014 the first World Internet technology conference in Zhejiang and settled permanently in Wuzhen successfully held after the annual session of the world Internet event colorful, attract overseas Internet elite strong concern. Today, "innovation drive to benefit mankind — to build cyberspace community of destiny" as the theme of the third session of the world Internet Conference was officially opened, the Wuzhen summit will once again for the prosperity and development of the world of the Internet to open a new chapter. Last year, President Xi Jinping put forward the "four principles" and "five points" in the second session of the World Conference on the Internet, provides an important follow to comprehensively promote the "Wuzhen process", the Wuzhen summit as the world Internet congress is trying to Chinese home court, the global Internet governance with China wisdom and strength China, China has become the world’s largest Internet sharing home court cohabitation. As of June this year, Chinese users reached 710 million, mobile phone users reached 656 million, Internet penetration rate reached 51.7%, more than 20 years, the rapid development of Internet China speed shocked, Chinese has become an important part of an integral part of the global Internet governance system in. Admittedly, the rapid development of the Internet makes the world into a "global village", every country, every one in the "global village", with the Internet as a link, interdependent, connected to each other, the Internet has become an important tool between you and me and the country indispensable. The world Internet Congress proposed "the development of ideas to join the community of destiny" to build a network of space, is the world and should have consensus of all mankind, and also the inevitable trend of the future development of the Internet in the world, the Internet China as the world superpower, should the Internet play an important role in more development and governance in the world, this is the great mission entrusted by history we also give us time, opportunity and responsibility. Since eighteen, we continue to strengthen the construction of information infrastructure, efforts to promote the development of the network, through the network strategy, "Internet plus" plan of action, big data strategy deployment, development of Internet information technology Chinese created tremendous achievements, has laid a solid foundation for the long-term development of a good network of spatial relations. President Xi Jinping said that the Internet is one of the greatest inventions of the twentieth Century, we have to seize this historic opportunity to further promote the building of network power. In the "The Belt and Road" Asian investment bank, and other major strategic initiatives under the influence of China as the second largest economy in the world has been in the international community to play a more important role in the period of profound change in the development of the Internet, China should take the initiative to assume the responsibility of a big country, led all countries to jointly promote the construction of global network infrastructure. Let more people in developing countries and sharing development opportunities brought by the Internet, the network space construction of mutual benefit and common destiny of interconnection. More importantly, the Internet has become a new engine and core engine of global social development, but also the international community in the field of competition between the new heights. Strive for the realization of the "two years" goal, to achieve the great Chinese nation.相关的主题文章: