Xi’an: Comments on the new regulations about the car models demanding original title: Network about the vehicle to ask displacement of 2.0L or above 1.8T > > driver in Xi’an domicile or residence permit for more than 3 years of driving experience of > > Xi’an within two years of the new > license plate; > wheelbase 2700 mm above displacement 2.0L or above 1.8T. 3.0L the afternoon of October 31st, "opinions on deepening reform and further promote the healthy development of the taxi industry in Xi’an city" (Draft), "Xi’an city taxi management service network booking management procedures" (Draft) and the "Xi’an City Private minibus carpool guidance" (Draft) officially to the public for comments. Time for comments from now until November 30th, during which the public can send e-mail and letters by way of recommendations. Views by correspondence will be sent to Xi’an City West Gate eight No. 8 Jia Lu Xi’an City Taxi Management Office (post encoding: 710082), and please indicate "comments" on the envelope; by e-mail will be sent to: xaczqc@@126 views. About three cars have a network card according to the relevant regulations, network operators should have issued about the car industry management "network booking taxi license", "operating vehicles should be made online appointment card" vehicle rental, the driver should have "online booking taxi driver card". Taxi operating right to gradually realize the free period limit, the new taxi operating rights are free to use the term. Yesterday afternoon, Xi’an Municipal Government Information Office held a briefing on the related staff said, in particular, although the November 1st National "online booking taxi management service management Interim Measures" of the formal implementation of the "Interim Measures", Xi’an city taxi management service network booking management also began to solicit opinions, but before obtaining legal permission in the platform, the vehicle, the driver, the relevant business behavior is still illegal. Take the network about the car will have the invoice price tags provide invoices, tax departments of this Municipality shall be produced to the passengers, there are acts of unfair competition and unfair price behavior, not impede fair competition in the market. Illegal collection, use and disclosure of passenger information and national security information. Network booking taxi operators should pay taxes according to law, buy the insurance for passengers, the establishment of security funds commensurate with the scale of operation, improve the security and anti risk ability, provide operational services according to relevant national standards. Driver: more than three years of driving experience 1. With the city residence or residence permit; 2. Have a valid driver’s license, and apply for more than three years driving experience; 3. No traffic accident crime, dangerous driving criminal record, no drug record, no drinking after driving record, the last three consecutive scoring period did not remember the full score of twelve points; 4. No violent criminal record; 5. Participate in the 7相关的主题文章: