Yuan Hong does not play with Xinyi Zhang couple: wife in life is not enough to see it? Beijing – directed by Liu Jiang, Zhang Jingchu, Xinyi Zhang, Lan Qin, Yuan Hong, star of the Ming City emotional drama "we love it" is Hunan TV hit, this is Yuan Hong and Xinyi Zhang married the first collaboration drama, but two people almost no scenes play Yuan Hong and Zhang Jingchu as quarrelsome lovers. Yesterday, the director Liu Jiangxie Yuan Hong, Ming appearance, drama, Yuan Hong plays time and Ming Huang Shaogu played by netizens, acting, with good value of yan. Liu Jiang asked "who better acting", Yuan Hong and Ming director almost by common consent rescue, "is so clever, as well!" Yuan Hong also joked, "the director in casting had said before the weight." Yuan Hong and Xinyi Zhang on this "husband and wife" appeared in the play but also a major part of the drama, but the two did not star couple, asked why not let Yuan Hong Xinyi Zhang play "on", the first Ming said, "the director, we honestly. This is not the old yuan strongly requested? Didn’t he say, ‘do you see your wife in life?’" The scene caused a burst of laughter, Yuan Hong nervously repeatedly denied, "my wife won’t see this scene?" After Ming said has been called the "national love is very sad," do not want the past, don’t do it now, to do in the future when the man of god." Yuan Hong find the opportunity to "revenge" to say that the other party is too greedy, you have done so many people’s first love male god, you can give others a chance?" Although two people each up the knife, but the heart Freemasonry. Yuan Hong said, "Ming and he is a very lovely man, and his acting is very comfortable." Ming also said: "although our sign looks at a Pisces, a Virgo, but our personalities are very complementary, sometimes in the way of performing, he moved me very harmonious." Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter Zhang Ning相关的主题文章: